We are LouLou Essentiels

In 2010 Floor van de water designed the 'Smart Little Bag'. This multifunctional wallet with mirror and smartphone compartment grew into a great success in no time. The very first went to (then) Princess Maxima, that was in the newspaper, and the rest is history. More than 300.000 women have now bought an SLB. Now, 10 years later, the SLB continues to sparkle, but we have expanded our collection with many different clutches, bags, wallets and accessories. Functionality has become the signature and we wanted to emphasize that more. For that reason by LouLou in September 2018 renamed LouLou Essentiels. The name is different, the principles are the same: function, fair, female and fashion, with just as much fun as in the beginning. You can now find LouLou Essentiels at more than hundreds of points of sale in Europe and in our own online shop.

Every LouLou is designed from a passion for product. What works best, is functional and looks good? Will it not be too heavy, will the bag open far enough? Wear this band nicely. Can there be an extra box ... These questions and many more are reflected in every design process. It is drawing, trying, testing, adjusting with a nice, well-functioning accessory as the ultimate end result. Every LouLou copy is made by hand and honestly in our workshop, which is the first in the world to run entirely on solar energy. read here more about our commitment to sustainable production. At the same time, we take wearing comfort into account and we never lose sight of 'everyday convenience'. For example, mirrors, sufficient storage compartments and other nice features provide a lot of functionality.
With a LouLou Essentiels accessory you choose an honest product that has been worked on with heart and soul.