LouLou Essentiels

LouLou Essentiels

Starting today, LouLou will be living as LouLou Essentiels. Our founder, Floor, explains more about the reasons for this choice in her letter below. Curious? Read more soon! 

On average, a woman carries 2,4 kilos in her bag ... It was therefore not surprising that I was walking around in 2010 with a shoulder injury because I always took too much (more than the average 2,4 kilo). So came the idea for a wallet with a compartment on it for your smartphone, so that even without a bag, with only the most important thing, your phone and your wallet, you could leave the house. This was the start of the 'by LouLou' fairy tale. Because that's what I called my brand. A flirt with Paris from the 40 / 50 years. A time when men went to the front and women put on trousers and started their own businesses (just look at 'Coco avant Chanel). LouLou was a cheerful name for a nice wallet and despite the fact that my ideas and values ​​were very serious, I especially wanted to have a good feeling and give with my design. That has always remained key. This way our products are always made honest from day one.

Within a year I saw the SLB everywhere: hanging on a handlebar, lying on a dashboard, in front of me at the cash register. Our Queen Maxima had the very first, but my goal, to make beautiful for all women in the Netherlands, had been achieved. The wallet was a success! From one came the other; there were so many more accessories that could have been more convenient. Almost by itself, LouLou started to grow: new products, colleagues, and always a somewhat larger office. Every time a jump into a deeper depth, but with more and more confidence, a larger team and more know-how.  

We now have a nice club of women in an old warehouse in the harbor of Scheveningen. We work hard and provide 4 collections every year with beautiful, new and smart accessories. Timeless essentials in fresh colors, with many compartments, an often extra long or adjustable shoulder strap and almost always a mirror. Everything designed by and for women. With our accessories we want to provide the finishing touch to your outfit. Stylish, smart and reliable. Your essential wardrobe piece. The part that you can always trust, that will make you happy and where you can easily find your own essentials. After 8 years the functional has become our signature and now it is time to spread that much more. That's why we use the name from now on "LouLou Essentiels". A different name, but with the same team, the same norms and values ​​and a very big smile. I am extremely proud that so many women use our products, and look forward to what the future has to offer. Or actually, what we can offer you in the future ...



Founder LouLou Essentiels