From product innovation to sustainable accessory brand.

Maxima had the first one, but within 3 years 300.000 were sold. The Smart Little Bag, or SLB for short, from the Dutch brand LouLou Essentiels. What was that again? And how is it now?

In 2010, the SLB was the first 'mobile bag', a wallet with a compartment for your smartphone, a mirror, a clutch handle and a charm in the shape of an Eiffel tower. A bull's eye, because what started in 2010 as a small product innovation quickly became the most sought-after ladies' wallet in the Netherlands.

LouLou did not sit still but grew up and developed into a full-fledged brand with a wide range of leather accessories packed with function. The name by LouLou was renamed in 2018 to the more appropriate 'LouLou Essentiels'.

The iconic Smart Little Bag is still a permanent part of the collection, but there is more. Function is central and is the beginning of the design process. The brand makes smart accessories in a variety of sustainably tanned leathers with a feminine look. In addition to a wide range of wallets, there are smartphone bags, crossbody clutches and fine shoulder bags. Always designed with the ultimate wearer and convenience in mind. There is a loyal fan base from the very beginning, but for those who have lost sight of the brand, or have not seen it before, it is a real Dutch fairy tale with sustainable origins.

From the office in the harbor of Scheveningen, founder and designer Floor van de Water has been working with the same spacious studio in India for 10 years now. Van de Water tells; "It is the only learning studio in the world that runs entirely on solar energy. Investments are made in new technological developments, training and personal growth. The basis of LouLou is making beautiful things in all facets".

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