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      Leather Diaper Bag

      Looking for a nice leather diaper bag? A diaper bag with many compartments? Choose a copy that not only suits your mini, but also suits you. We know from experience that a diaper bag is only used for a short time, and a leather bag lasts so much longer. A bag that you are still happy with after those first two years ... At LouLou Essentiels, 'function' is in our DNA. We are happy to design smart bags full of compartments. On the inside and on the outside. Our selection of bags includes a padded laptop compartment, ideal for stacks of diapers in the first years, and later useful for ... yes, your laptop. Discover what really makes you happy. Almost all our bags have a handy extra long shoulder strap that is often used to hang the bag on the car. But you can also use the bag hangers that you can buy in almost every baby store. With these hangers you click every bag on your car. This way you can freely choose what you like and you don't have to get lost in the diaper bag world. We used to design 'diaper bags' with an extra changing mat in it, but we noticed that most pregnant women already have this or were just looking for a different mat. That is why our bags now offer what we do best. An honest bag with a lot of function for now and for later.

      Durable diaper bag

      Real beauty comes from within. And we're not just talking about the extensive interior of our accessories, we're talking about a durable product. With a leather diaper bag you invest in the future. A leather bag will last for years with proper care. For us, a fair product is paramount. So all of our accessories are made in a studio that ticks all the boxes when it comes to labor. The studio does not only have the international ones SA8000 certification, but also has special programs for women and single mothers. The leather we use is a residual product from the food industry and is bought from tanneries that process the leather in accordance with the regulations of the LWG. This way you can be sure that your diaper bag will not disadvantage anyone and that you are part of a fair trial. 

      Handy Diaper Bag

      Discover which bag you want to use as a diaper bag. Every LouLou bag from this selection has our sigature lining. A classic horizontal stripe that matches our love for timeless fashion. Because this is a combination of white and black stripes, the bag is nice and light inside, and you can see everything well. Another advantage is that you see stains less quickly, with a wet cloth you can easily get rid of most stains. You will find numerous compartments in all our bags. All our large bags have an extra detachable long strap, very convenient to hang your bag on the pram. We also have bags with a bottle holder. Now nice for your bottle, handy for your own bottle with water after babyhood ...

      Croco Diaper Bag

      Not a gooey type? Do you prefer to leave the house femenine? Choose a croco diaper bag. Are you going for a croco diaper bag with golden zippers, or for a bag with silver details. Whatever style you have, with one of our leather bags you will look good. In black, cognac or dark brown you have a timeless bag that you will still enjoy even when your mini is at primary school.