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LouLou essentials collection

More than Beautiful. Our collection includes a wide range of models, designed and made with a heart for people and the environment. 

Bags that are made to enjoy for a long time.

From compact crossbody bags to spacious laptop bags, discover your favorite model.

Compact Crossbody Bags: Style and Convenience in One

Crossbody bags, or a crossover, is a bag that you can carry across your body thanks to a longer shoulder strap. Crossbody bags are popular because you have your arms and hands completely free. Ideal for those who travel a lot. Our compact crossbody bags combine style and convenience in a sustainable way. Perfect for those who don't want to carry too much, but still want to have the most essential items within reach. Of course our crossbody bags are made of leather and are made to last. You can also wear almost all of our crossbody bags as a shoulder bag and a number of models can even be taken out as a clutch.

Stylish hip Laptop Bags for Women

Looking for a laptop bag for women in which you can store everything well? Our trendy laptop bags offer the ideal solution. Our laptop bags for women are really designed for and by women. So functional and full of useful compartments, while not compromising on style. Feel empowered when you step out the door and know that by choosing our sustainably tanned leather you will enjoy this investment for a long time.

A phone bag with room for more

A phone bag from LouLou Essentiels is so much more than a bag for your mobile phone. Are you looking for a phone bag with room for your sunglasses, bunch of keys and more? Then we have a fine selection. All card slots are equipped with RFID protective material, so you cannot be skimmed. So with as little as possible out the door, and most importantly (safely) with your hand.

Camera bag Model, compact yet full of space

A crossbody bag with secret mountains of storage space, those are our crossbody camera bags. The zippers can go all the way down so that you can store extra and have good access to everything. All camera bag crossbody bags have special compartments for your payment cards, these are equipped with special RFID protection, so if your cards are in these anti-skim compartments, the data of your payment cards cannot be read.

Shoulder Bags: Comfort and Class for Every Occasion

Our shoulder bags are a perfect balance between comfort and class. These durable bags are versatile enough to accompany you on any occasion, be it a day at the office or a night out. Made with carefully selected materials and attention to detail, these bags are an investment in style and durability that will last.

Choose Sustainable with LouLou Essentiels' Bags

With LouLou Essentiels bags you opt for sustainability without compromising on style. Our diverse collection offers something for everyone, from compact crossbody bags to roomy laptop bags.