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Laptop bags 13inch & 15inch

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      2 products

      Laptop bags ladies

       Looking for the perfect laptop bag for women? We have them in all shapes, sizes and colors. Designed by and for women. Because we want something different from a bag. Whether you're looking for a somewhat smaller bag for your 13-inch laptop bag, or a 15-inch laptop bag, you'll find them all in our range. And we have arranged the business bags in such a way that you always come out well organized. Ideal for your work or your studies. 

      Laptop bag leather

      In our collection you will find laptop bags made of leather. All our leather is sourced sustainably. That is why you always have a good feeling with a LouLou Essentiels bag. Choose from one of our many leather types and view the laptop bags in vintage crocodile leather, Or laptop bags of softer leathers. If you're looking for a timeless laptop bag for women, then you've come to the right place. The good thing about a leather laptop bag is that it lasts a very long time. With good care you can use your bag for many years (we joke sometimes until you retire).

      Laptop shoulder bag

      Need a laptop shoulder bag? Our shoulder bags are ideal for taking your laptop with you wherever you go. They are sturdy and therefore very reliable, we have put a lot of boxes in them so that you are and remain well organized, and you can store a 13 or 15 inch laptop. Our laptop shoulder bags are true classics and will last for years. 

      Laptop bags 15 inch

      You will find laptop bags 15 inch laptops with us. They are not only practical, but also classy. Because as a businesswoman you want to look good. Our laptop bags 15 inch are equipped with a padded laptop compartment, have an extra tablet compartment and come with enough zippers to store all your work essentials. 

      Laptop bags 13 inch

      Looking for 13 inch laptop bags? You will also find gems of bags for smaller laptops. So is the 13 inch laptop bag 62BAG perfect with its padded laptop compartment and compact size. You will no longer have an accident with an uncharming one, but you will look beautiful with your proud feminine version of a laptop bag.