Various small wallets arranged in a star shape from LouLou Essentiels.

Small Ladies Wallets

Small ladies wallet

Need a small wallet? We have turned the small ladies' purse into an art! Whether you need one for your cards, with a zipper or for your change, you'll find them all with us. Our small wallets for women are ideal for a small clutch or crossbody bag, or simply to keep all your cards at hand. Incidentally, they are not only for ladies, but gentlemen can also steal the show with them. Anyone who can use a small wallet is of course welcome. And very nice, all LouLou wallets are RFID protected. So you can't be skimmed anymore.

Small wallet cards

On the road with a small bag, but don't feel like swinging all your cards loose? Prevent lost items with a small wallet for cards. Ideal if you only want to take your debit card, driving license, ID and credit card and want to leave all your membership cards at home. Or ideal if you want a separate wallet for all those membership cards. Whatever goal you have in mind, we have a small one card wallet in front of. 

Small leather wallet ladies

Durable in use and leather? Those are our small leather wallets for women. These wallets are all made to carry your money safely and make the world a little better. The small leather wallets for women have just the right compartments to safely store your money and cards. 

Small handy wallet

Need a small handy wallet? You will find a delicious assortment in our webshop. Whatever color, size, type you are looking for; we have them online. With a zipper or with a push button, with or without a pocket for your change and of course matching with your further LouLou bag collection. Shop your small handy wallet today.