Beige clutch Julie with contents from LouLou Essentiels



      The perfect little something that will last a very long time. Looking for a sustainable gift for Mother's Day, yourself or a colleague? You can't go wrong with one of the cheerful pencil cases from our collection.

      A sustainable leather case

      A pencil case is super versatile. You can use it to bring together your endlessly scattered pen collection, store your make-up or keep your pencil set together. And you prefer to do this in a case that matches your bag and is worthy of being taken out of your bag. That's why you naturally shop your pencil case at LouLou Essentiels. Where we make our cases from the same beautiful supple sustainable leather as our bags. 

      Buy pencil case online 

      Want to buy a pencil case online? You can do that in our webshop! With every bag collection we also launch a new collection of cases. Matched in the same colors and made from the same beautiful, durable leather. Whether you use it for study, work or travel; you can always count on the same quality from LouLou Essentiels. Timeless, practical and can be used for as long as you take care of it. You can of course buy a pencil case from your favorite bag maker! We have provided all our cases with a good size reference so that you know what fits in them.

      Pencil case leather

      We make our cases from sustainable leather. This way we know for sure that not only will you be happy with your new product, but the world has also been helped. In addition to the use of sustainable leathers, our workshop is equipped with 100% solar energy. And we prefer to ship our products by water to prevent aircraft emissions from being as low as possible. So buy your leather case from a sustainable manufacturer and enjoy it to the fullest, without feeling guilty. 

      Clutch and pouch

      The Julie model is a pencil case and clutch in one. In your bag during the day, and when you go out for a nice appointment, you can easily take the bare minimum with you in this nice clutch. Would you rather bring more? Then you can keep the Julie as a spacious case for makeup or other essentials. Let us know how you use your Julie with #myloulouessentiels