Collection Fall Winter 23-24

Collection Fall Winter 23-24

Autumn Winter 23/24

Everything in a mix.

Our Fall Winter 2023 collection bears the name 'Heritage'. Heritage is a legacy of inspiration. A rich blend of culture, colour, craft, art, music, iconic people and events. No collection is created without the influence of what has been. Logical, because without history there is no future. And so we learn from the past and create news. An ode to someone or something.

And that can go a long way. From Lady Di's flawless outfits, to Christina Aguilera's bleached ends, from artistic flowers, paisley prints, quilts and tartans to power suits, MTV cribs, Dynasty and (aiii) the interesting outfits from 'The Simple Life'. Inspiration is everywhere. And how wonderful it is to get lost in the 'trending' eighties and 'the year two thousand'. As a child of the late seventies, both periods left an indelible impression on me. Where I used to find my aunt's wool sweaters especially itchy, I now scour vintage shops for an authentic Anny Blatt. Colleague Liz came in with a pink wax coat (typical eighties) from a Scandinavian brand, but (as you would expect from a real 'wax coat') made in Scotland. Hance the Heritage point. And that unexpected mix, that's what gets me super excited. Where different kinds of 'history' mix with a lot of 'now' and there new flavors emerge. This season is an ode to the taste makers, to culture and colour, brought together in a collection of honest, smart accessories to enjoy for a very long time.


Floor of the Water