Take Care

Nothing a new bag can't fix. And so it is très important to take care of your freshly shopped by LouLou in the right way. Because this way your bag or wallet will look as new as long as possible and you will enjoy it for years to come. But how do you ensure that your leathers remain lovely? We asked our own 'repair expert' Wouter.

First of all, our favorite handyman from The Hague tends to treat leather accessories regularly with a spray or lotion. "This way the leather is well nourished and stays nice and smooth." On a side note: the Pretty Protector is such a spray and you can here add to your order in our shop.  

Spotted any damage? Do not panic! Pay a visit with your by LouLou Wouter. Or one of his talented colleagues of course. Because every type of leather needs its own treatment and these experts know exactly what it takes to make your bag look like new again.