Handmade Hapiness

No less than 100 different leathers and many different designs. A lot of LouLou Essentiels's have been created over the years. All these showpieces are all hand-made in India, by a team of talented craftsmen and women. A careful process that is accompanied by a lot of precision and even more love for the product.

The workshop where the entire LouLou Essentiels collection is created, works for various high-end labels and only supplies quality products. We consciously choose this. This way you can simply enjoy your LouLou Essentiels longer.

We think it is important to give the makers as much attention as they have for our designs. The LouLou Essentiels team therefore travels to India four or six times a year for the development of the new collection. We also keep a close eye on whether everything is going as planned. That applies to our products, but certainly also to the people around them.

A lot of respect, healthy working conditions and a decent wage for those involved in our collections is an absolute must for us. LouLou Essentiels cares. And so every bag or wallet is manufactured as standard with a good dose of handmade happiness.