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Behind the scenes 'the Photoshoot'

The Gallery 

This season we place our accessories on a pedestal like in a gallery. The pedestal they deserve from us. Smart beauty that is honestly put together and put together. Made of leather that has been properly tanned, with an eye for people and the environment. And that for more than 10 years. It's best to put a spotlight on that.
It's crazy that we're talking about a season, because if it's good, you buy a bag for a lot longer than a few months. And with a few exceptions (perhaps a Teddy bag feels like a mismatch in the summer), a bag can hardly be summarized in a season. Well, our sparkling series is really festive, but as far as I'm concerned, every day is a party. Especially if our LouLou accessories are allowed to contribute to this. 

The Shoot

After a process of months (designing, sampling, testing, adapting and improving) we plan the shoot. As a curator, I decide what really deserves the spotlight. With our photographer Shiva Faber, model Angelina and the styling touch of Liz Groen, we finally photograph the new collection. Perhaps cliche but so liberating when the end result matches what has arisen in the previous months. Proud of the end result in a few pictures that says so much about the beauty we have. A collection with icons, which are truly made 'with love' to our core.
Floor of the Water
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