We are LouLou Essentiels

LouLou Essentiels lets you step out of the door effortlessly chic every day. With in your hand or on your arm a pearl of a leather accessory that is really equipped with all conveniences. Whether it is a crossbody, a workbag or a clutch. Our mission is to design leather accessories that make your life easy and at the same time endlessly stylish. Our versatile 'carryalls' are perhaps best described as beauties with brains. They match your look and think of everything on your to-do list. Functional and yet fabulous. Beautiful but just as practical. Because why would you choose if you can also go out with both?

Our story begins in 2010, when female entrepreneur Floor van de Water introduces the now iconic Smart Little Bag (SLB) under the name by LouLou. This multifunctional wallet with mirror and smartphone compartment grew to be a huge success in no time. Almost 10 years later, the SLB continues to sparkle unabated and the collection has been considerably expanded with many different bags, purses and accessories. The functional has become our signature and we would like to emphasize that more. For that reason we have by LouLou in September 2018 renamed LouLou Essentiels. But despite this name change, they still work with the same principles, the same team spirit, and the same big smile. You can now find LouLou Essentiels at over 500 outlets in Europe and in our own online shop.

Every LouLou is designed with a lot of creativity from a deep passion. It's the details that matter. And that is clearly reflected in our designs. We spend a lot of time on sourcing beautiful materials, we provide refined finishes and we can proudly say that every LouLou copy is hand-made in an honest way in our atelier that is the first in the world to run entirely on solar energy. read here! more about our pursuit of sustainable production. At the same time, we take wearing comfort into account and we never lose sight of 'daily convenience'. For example, mirrors, sufficient storage compartments and other fine features ensure a great deal of on-the-go functionality. With all the extra attention that goes to each individual LouLou design, we hope that you can use it for a long time and often with pleasure.

Every year we design new accessories in four different collections. A mix of timeless designs and striking fashion items. We simply find inspiration in everything that has a wow factor in our opinion. From a magical myth to an impressive place and from a special work of art to a strong personality. Each season tells a different story that unravels within the collection in a matching blend of colors, fabrics and materials.

LouLou Essentiels: Fashionably Functional