Brand Ambassadors DOMINIQUE


Do (actually Dominique) is 34 and mother of three beautiful girls. Puk (6), Fien (5) and the smallest sprout Cato (8 months). Together with her husband Stefan they live under the smoke of Rotterdam. They will be moving into their dream house within six months. You don't get a place like this just like that, of course you have to work hard for it. Do is self-employed and works part-time as a freelance Management Assistant, PA and Office Manager. With a track record in recruitment, she also helps companies find the right candidate for a position. The perfect bag is not only fun for Do, but also full of function and compartments. A little face cleaner meets office. Sounds like a LouLou match!

Do's insta bio; 'Freelance secretary with a pepper, little sleep and lots of love'.


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