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      Shopper Bag

      There is no better bag than a shopper bag, because you can fit so much in it! Whether it's a laptop or a tablet, clothes for a night away or anything you buy during a good shopping spree, the shopper is perfect for it. The shopper bag at LouLou Essentiels is a versatile one. On the one hand you have a huge compartment where you can store a lot of stuff, and on the other hand you have zippered pockets on the inside and outside so that you are still somewhat organized. Handy if you want to find your wallet among your organized chaos, right?

      Shopper leather

      Do you also think leather shoppers are the most beautiful? We too. However, we do not want to burden the environment too much. That is why we work with sustainable types of leather that we carefully collect. You can therefore purchase your leather shopper with confidence, without fear of animal suffering. Did you know that we also ensure that our studio and shipping methods match our sustainable leather? Our studio is the only one in the world that runs on 100% solar energy, and we ensure that we send our bags by plane as little as possible.

      Shopper with zipper

      Need a shopper with a zipper? Then you are in the right place with us. All our shoppers have a zipper, so that your belongings stay dry even in a Dutch shower. Make sure you leave a little space, otherwise it will be difficult to zip up. Our zippered shoppers are ideal for things collectors who like to take everything with them on the go.

      Shopper with laptop compartment

      Our shoppers with laptop compartment are just large enough to transport your laptop safely and dry. Do you want an ideal work bag that you can take with you, including your laptop? Then you've found it here!