Photo with three models carrying a shoulder bag from LouLou Essentiels.

Shoulder bags

From compact model to spacious one, the shoulder bag is a favorite!

Shoulder bags ladies

For us women, there is hardly a more important bag than the shoulder bag. That is why you will find a wide range of shoulder bags for women at LouLou. From a handy handbag size to bags that can easily accommodate a laptop . All our bags are made of beautiful, sturdy leather. This way you have a reliable shoulder bag that will last a long time and can certainly take a beating.

Shoulder bags ladies leather

Our ladies leather shoulder bags are not only good to take with you everywhere, they are also good for the world. We make all our bags from beautiful, sustainable leather. At LouLou Essentiels our mission is to make indispensable bags that leave the smallest possible footprint on the world. For example, we use sustainable types of leather from leather that has already been extracted, our workshop is the only one in the world that runs 100% on solar energy and we do everything we can to keep transport to your door as green as possible. You can make our entire collection yours without feeling guilty.

Shoulder bag small

Need a small shoulder bag? You found it! With these medium-sized bags you will no longer have to worry about carrying all your belongings. You choose your most important essentials, cleverly arrange your bag with the mirror, lipstick compartment and your key hook and you are ready to conquer the world. All you need is a small shoulder bag from LouLou Essentiels.

Shoulder bag with many compartments

Well organized on the road? Then you could use a shoulder bag with many compartments ! We know how nice it is to have many subjects. This way you can easily organize your (work) bag and find everything where you put it. But the compartments are also spacious enough to take large items, such as your laptop.