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Time for reflection: 10 years of LouLou Essentiels

These are special times. While one entrepreneur sees everything going up in smoke, the other manages to give a positive spin to the corona crisis with creative solutions. It is also an eventful period at LouLou Essentiels. Floor van de Water (owner of LouLou Essentiels & FMME ) reflects on this, and on 10 years of LouLou Essentiels, in this blog.

A ride on an amazing rollercoaster

2010 was the year I designed the Smart Little Bag (SLB) . I could not have imagined then what adventure awaited me. Ten years later I look back on a ride on an amazing rollercoaster in which I experienced so many beautiful things. I was used to holiday trips in Europe. But suddenly I flew to Hong Kong and went to India for LouLou for the first time. I have now been to India so many times that I am used to the warm chaos, in which everything flows so amazingly smoothly past each other.

I have learned a lot in those ten years and with wonderful people. And I also had a few bad crashes. Yet all this time I have maintained that I would put a beautiful and honest product on the market. With as many functions and benefits as possible for the end user, but also made in an honest and good way. Not the cheapest (because that also means that it cannot be made fairly) but certainly not too expensive either.

Back to the very beginning

I had imagined the anniversary year differently. With more streamers, more parties and more colleagues. At the same time it brings us back to the very beginning. Then I sat alone in the spare room at home behind my desk and managed to do the most amazing thing by continuing to believe and keep going. Nothing stopped me.

I still have that indomitable passion for the product. Could it be more convenient? Can it be smarter? Is this the right teaching? And is that the most beautiful color? Is it irresistible? Is it fun? Does it make you happy? I ask myself these questions more than ever, with so much more knowledge and know-how than 10 years ago, but with just as much passion. I love losing myself in it.

Shop honestly. Shop quality. Shop local

LouLou stands for beautiful things that are made honestly. To enjoy for a long time. I think of everything possible that makes an accessory pleasant to use. In the hope that you can fully enjoy what life has to offer you. Without having to worry about where you have stored something. And I hope you choose a nice place to buy your accessory. A store that makes you happy and enthusiastic. With someone who gives you your money. And I'm sure that entrepreneur (just like me) does a little happy dance. I hope that with this knowledge you will enjoy the products you buy even more. Shop local and go for quality. Right now.