Fifty shades of peaches 🍑

Fifty shades of peaches 🍑

Peach Fuzz or Apricot crush... The trend color of 2024. This soft mix of orange and light pink is the color we will see a lot this season. From earring to ballerina, if you want you can cover yourself from head to toe in 50 shades of orange.

Apricot crush, trend shade of Season SS24

Pantone names the shade Peach Fuzz as color of the year, trend organ WGSN calls it ' Apricot Crush' and we get it. We also have a small crush. This enchanting color radiates warmth and softness, and fits perfectly with the breezy and sunny days ahead. On the catwalk we saw Miu Miu, in different shades, Pantone also mentions the term orangeade, like the drink and the color rooibos, we like the name Aperol Spritz better... Anyway, apricot, apricot or apricot is the color of this season.

We also go for the wonderful color apricot and have included this beautiful shade in our long-awaited SS24 collection. Read here why our apricot accessories are a wonderful must-have.

1. A timeless color: Apricot, also known asPeach Fuzz , is a color that is subtle and refined, but at the same time stands out. It is a timeless color that is also completely on trend. This beautiful subtle color will be seen a lot not only in spring and summer, but also in winter.

2. A perfect match: The versatility of apricot makes it easy to combine with other colors. Whether it is combined with classic shades such as black and cream for a timeless look, or with bold colors such as kobi pink and berry for a lively and modern twist, apricot always matches.

3.From mini to maxi: In our SS24 collection you will find apricot in a range of accessories, from mini wallet to spacious laptop bag... Stylish and stylish, as a reliable evergreen or hip small crossbody, we tested it and abricot looks great in any size accessory.

Whether you are looking for a handbag, wallet or other accessory, discover the warm charm of apricot in our SS24 collection.

'Peaches peaches peaches pe peaches' is what bouncer fury sang in the 2023 Mario film, and it is not without reason that we would get our inspiration from that! 😉.