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      A black leather bag with studs, you have got to love it! Bags with studs, crossbody with studs, clutch with studs, purse with studs. We are fans. Round studs, heart shaped studs. Anything will do. Rocking Elegance, timeless and edgy. Studs give every outfit a cool look. Please note, all LouLou stud items are always limited! So are you also a fan of studs? Get your groove on here!

      Black leather with studs

      Black leather finished with silver studs is timeless. At least from the 80s. Inspired by the casualness of a rock band and the cool look of a Biker. Madonna with her leather gloves with spikes ... But these days you don't have to be unruly to wear a leather bag with silver studs. Thanks to the clean lines of the LouLou bags, you can rock studs with any outfit. Gala dress or jogging pants? Stud accessories always match.