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      Sometimes you see something and you feel 'instant love' ... And we have that with the beauty that we show here. Fun that will put a smile on your face. Must-haves ...

      Affordable art meets mouth mask

      Choose one of the ladies from the series "Loeren naar de Hoeren" by Anne de Jong. Or choose a Maskerhari, an ode to the Femme Fatale who made flora as an exotic dancer in the 20s. factor of the 'stuff we love' that it was designed and made by women in the Netherlands ... 


      Mini Masterpieces

      Anne de Jong makes mini masterpieces of seductive women. Inspired by the street with prostitutes she regularly cycled past.

      Seductive confident women, raw and realistic. Usually seen through the eyes of the heterosexual man. Now converted with love and respect into beautiful pieces of affordable art. An ode to women, in all her shapes and sizes, because she can be seen.

      A unique and handmade piece of art. Celebrate your 'womanhood' and shamelessly choose your favorite lady. For yourself or to give away ...