Creme half moon Bag LouLou photographed hanging diagonally

What is a Half Moon Bag?

Do you want to know what a half moon bag is, and why this model is so popular now? We like to share what we know. Because in addition to making honest bags, we really enjoy telling more about the different models that are available in 'bag land'.

What is a Half Moon Bag?

The half moon bag, as the name suggests, is inspired by the shape of a half moon. This association with the moon naturally sounds wonderfully mystical and poetic. But just like the moon, this model is without fuss and very bright. If you like minimalist outfits, then the half moon bag is definitely a match. The soft, curved line gives the bag a refined look and something artistic.

A Timeless Model

Although the half moon bag has made a comeback in recent years, it is a model that has been around for decades. Originally, the half moon bag was popular in the 70s. The design has undergone many adjustments and updates over the years, but the core of the model has always remained the same: stylish, practical and unique. This model is through and through Quit Luxury, which we will see more and more of. Understated class, we love it!

Well-known Fans of the Half Moon Bag

Of course, many celebrities and fashion icons love the simple cut of the half moon bag. For example, famous actress Emma Watson has often been spotted with a half moon bag, as have fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni and Alexa Chung. Partly thanks to the latter, the half moon bag has once again become a nice must-have fashion item.

Our Half Moon Bags

LouLou has had half moon bags in the collection for years. What is striking is that the round shape allows you to fit more than a bag with the same volume. We currently have a Croco half moon bag in Berry and Black, or a half moon bag in beautiful and supple grain leather in different colors. Both half moon bags can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody bag. Our Model 'Louise ' from the recent SS2024 collection is a modern interpretation of the classic half moon bag. Made from high-quality leather, with sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods, the Louise embodies all our core values. Stylish, feminine, functional and fun.

Why the Louise is a Must-Have

The Louise half moon bag is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a functional bag that you can easily take anywhere. Whether you're attending a wedding, planning a day out or a night out on the town, the Louise offers plenty of space for all your essentials without compromising on style. A modest bag, but just a little more expressive? Then choose a Silver or Pink half moon bag. Just a little more vibe!

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