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Smart Little Bag

Our signature piece has been our Smart Little Bag since 2010. These small, fine, super handy bags are ideal for carrying your phone as well as your debit cards, membership cards, coins, bills and photos. With the handy wrist strap you can also be sure that you don't lose your essentials so easily, because you always have them nearby. 

Smart Little Bag LouLou 

With the Smart Little Bags from LouLou Essentiels you always go well organized. All our SLBs are made of sustainable leather, and are made in our workshop that runs 100% on solar energy. Moreover, we always ensure the most sustainable transport to the Netherlands. We prefer transport by sea to transport by air. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy your Smart Little Bag from LouLou with peace of mind and the smallest possible ecological footprint. 

SLB by LouLou Wallet

SLB by LouLou Wallet is a versatile wallet that you can put a lot in. In addition to your letter and paper money, you can store your cards in it. In the larger version of the SLB you can also put your phone in its own compartment. With all those compartments and functionalities, the SLB by LouLou Wallet offers you a true classic. Timeless and matching with your mood, outfit or LouLou Essentiels bag. Your day can't go wrong.