108 products

108 products

The perfect wallet

Your wallet is always with you. It is the safe place for all your cards, receipts, photos and of course your hard cash. Because money has to roll, but preferably from a stylish LouLou Essentiels wallet! With always pockets for credit cards, a zipper pocket for coins and a mirror. From spacious to mini models, always designed with you as a user in mind. Are you going for a large one that has a clutch handle and smartphone compartment, or a small wallet that fits in your favorite clutch or jacket pocket. Search and you will certainly find it in the extensive range of LouLou Essentiels purses. 

The Smart Little Bag

The Smart Little Bag, or SLB, is a real LouLou Essentiels classic. This is not only a wallet, but also the ideal clutch for stylish women with an even fuller agenda. During the day it is your wallet that deals with flexibility. When night falls, this topper turns into a classy clutch. And you don't have to do anything for that! The Smart Little Bag is equipped with various compartments for, for example, cards, lipstick, cash, keys and is equipped with a mirror. Please note, your phone almost always fits in the front pocket. Wear the Smart Little Bag on the wristband and you have your hands free. Enjoy!

Mini wallet to keep up with

You certainly want to pay attention to the little ones of LouLou Essentiels! Because even the smallest money deserves a nice wallet. The practically arranged SLB4XS and SLB5XS offer enough space for your most important receipts and coins. Or do you only need your passes on the way? Then view our stylish leather card holders, the First Class on the accessories page. Regardless of the design you choose, the handy size of the small LouLou Essentiels wallets even fits into a clutch.