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17 products


Large wallet ladies

Large wallet ladies can be found at LouLou Essentiels. We women love to have a large, well-organized purse. This way you can easily put all your cards in it, you have a spacious compartment where you can easily put your paper money and a zipper to let your coins disappear and find them. Preferably you have a compartment for your most important photos. Then really all your essentials are in your large ladies wallet. Thanks to a special RFID blocking, the LouLou wallets are also anti skim proof. That is a safe feeling.

Large leather wallet

Our large leather wallets are made from durable leather. This way your wallet is not only good for your money, but also for the world. Our large leather wallets are made in a workshop that runs 100% on solar energy. In addition, we prefer to ship them by boat, to keep the impact of aircraft as low as possible. Feel twice as good with a large leather wallet? That's what you get with ours. 

Great wallet for phone

Are you looking for a large leather wallet that also fits your phone? Then you have found it! At LouLou we love multifunctional items. That is why we have the SLB wallet where you really have all your essentials near you. This one great wallet for your phone ensures that you have everything with you at all times.  

Large leather purse ladies

Our large leather wallets for women are suitable for any occasion, and are designed in such a way that you can easily take everything with you and find it. Choose one from vintage croco, lovely lizard or one of our other beautiful durable leathers. You are bound to love your new large leather ladies wallet.